Cyprus Sightseeing – Cyprus in one day

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Cyprus Sightseeing is a one day tour covering Cyprus main sights – we will drive you through the most demanded and requested places by our customers as it is the client’s most popular excursion.


Cyprus sightseeing in one day: breathtaking Troodos mountains and much more!

Cyprus is a historically rich place blessed with beautiful culture and natural beauty. Discover and enjoy the nearby Cyprus destinations just in a day. Cyprus sightseeing includes visit to birthplace of Aphrodite, Troodos Mountains, Kykkos monastery, Omodos village and regional winery. To enjoy the beauty of Cyprus, you need a guide and Guide of Cyprus is just the perfect partner for you to explore the hidden treasures.

Cyprus Sightseeing Tour Highlights:

The Green heart of Cyprus, Troodos Mountains is the largest mountain range located in the island’s center. Famous Cyprus mountains are well-known for the geology


and presence of an undisturbed Ophiolite sequence. It was declared a national park in 1992 and is growing visitors ever since. The Troodos mountains are home to over 800 plants’ species and some rare birds. During this excursion we will visit one of the Cyprus main sights – 1,952 meters high Mount Olympus, Troodos mountains’ highest peak, which hosts 4 ski slopes.

Our next stop will be Kykkos monastery, one of the holiest, richest and well-known monasteries in the area of the Troodos mountains of Cyprus. Archbishop Makarios III, the first President of Cyprus, started his ecclesiastical career there as monk. Kykkos monastery was his favorite place and therefore had a wish to be buried was fulfilled after his death. His tomb is now a favorite visitors attraction. The icon of Virgin Mary is the most important treasure of the monastery which was reputedly painted by the Apostle Luke. Apart from all this, we will also have glimpse of religious relics of some famous saints.

Cyprus mountains – home to the ancient traditions of craftsmanship & wine making

In the geographical location of wine producing area of Afames, a beautiful village named Omodos is located in the Troodos mountains of Cyprus. We will walk through the cobbled streets lined up with coffee shops and sellers of local produce. We will also visit the famous Holy Cross monastery, where you can see a piece of the rope Romans used to fasten Jesus to the cross. Visits to the old wine press, glass makers and other craftsmen are also included in this local excursion.

We will have opportunity to visit regional winery where old tradition of century has been brought to new levels of modern technology and know-how with amazing results. We will also taste a sip of wine, cheers!

If you are willing to enjoy Cyprus sightseeing in one day, book a tour now to get world class hospitality and comfort of touring around Cyprus Mountains and much more!

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