Cyprus Property Inspection Tour

Are you willing to buy a property in Cyprus? This tour is definitely for you! Find the best Cyprus property fit to your requirements with non-obligation of the purchase!

Cyprus property viewing tour – make the best of your stay on the island

Searching for an apartment or villa by the sea? Finding a second home to spend holidays in Cyprus or a residence to move permanently to Cyprus? Book a Cyprus Property Viewing tour, Have a look to our various properties and we will find you the best with the help of finest developers of property in Cyprus! In less than two hours, you will be provided with detailed information about the most important ways to easily and successfully purchase property in Cyprus!

What we offer with our Cyprus property viewing tour:

We are working with the Cyprus’ finest property developers. Our goal is to provide you all possibilities to choose the best one with the full comprehensive service: property viewing, citizenship status/residency status acquired, property management and maintenance.


About Cyprus
Cyprus is a passionate Mediterranean destination. A rare jewel, the island is blessed with warm Cypriot hospitality, and is touched with mystique.
The island of Cyprus is a mosaic of nature and culture, a place bathed with sun, an island gifted with rewarding experiences.
Fall in love with Cyprus – Cyprus is a magical world, where love manifests itself in new ways through the seasons.
Cyprus offers a unique basket of advantages to foreign investor in Cyprus property utilizing the island as a base for conducting their business activities worldwide.
The beautiful island of Cyprus plays host to a wealth of contrasts, always offering something new to discover, and life moves at a relaxed and gentle pace.
Natural gas – the recent discovery of natural gas in economic zone of Cyprus will have huge substantial impact on all aspects of the Cypriot economy, and especially in the real estate industry.
Property investment in Cyprus – is a great opportunity for private investors & funds.


Why choose property in Cyprus?

  • Strategic location on the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa
  • Member of the EU and the Eurozone
  • Mild climate and 320 days a year of sunshine
  • Beautiful scenery and beaches
  • Caters to 2.5M tourists a year
  • English language is widely spoken
  • Safe and secure environment
  • Low tax rates: Corporate (12.5%)
  • The recent natural gas discovery will be a game changer for the domestic economy
  • Ability to obtain permanent residency/citizenship for non-EU citizens through purchase of real estate
  • New projects – New Marinas, Golf courses and Casinos
  • Living and working on the island for all seasons
  • European citizenship
  • Passport program – Obtain a Cypriot (EU) passport via 2M EUR real estate investment
  • European permanent residence – Owner of the property in Cyprus like a house, apartment or any other real estate building of minimum value of 300.000,-EUR can easily get European permanent residence.

If you want more details about citizenship, permanent residency in Cyprus, applying for residence or password, we cooperate with Lawyers and Accountant to easily get it done for you. Contact Us right now to get information or book a Cyprus property viewing tour.

Guide of Cyprus is always here to plan the most amazing and cost effective tours in Cyprus for you, you might also want to visit following places, while you are viweing property in Cyprus:


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