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Guiding is more passion than profession for us. We believe the visitors to Cyprus are our guest rather just tourists. Hospitality is in the blood of Cypriots, so we are always glad to welcome and serve our guests to the best. Living in Cyprus, we are the team of professional guides with 10 years of experience in providing guidance for tours and private excursions in Cyprus. Contact us now to experience the best tours and sightseeing in Cyprus and create a memory to bring back with a huge smile. 🙂

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If you are in love with nature, archaeology, history and wine, Cyprus is the must visit place as it is blessed with amazing natural spots – sandy beaches, green forests, and mountains. And if you are a foodie, Cypriot Mediterranean cuisine can serve the whole concept in a dish. Come and join adventure with us! Contact us with any question, we will gladly assist you in planning your Cyprus holiday.


Why private excursion from Guide of Cyprus?
Our timely research and feedbacks from people who have experienced some other excursions concludes tons of complains and bad experiences from clients. After the surveying such a system, we thought of making the most comfortable, pleasing and safe way of traveling experience – A private car with comfortable seat, starting of tour in pleasant morning, exploring most adventures sightseeing and tour places create a perfect combination of most wonderful touring experience. Guide of Cyprus make their tourists feel special and provides extra ordinary hospitality and awesome travelling experience. Contact, book a tour and explore this beautiful island in the most comfortable way!


Why we are organizing property viewing?
We have many years experience in real estate and by collaborating with the best developers in Cyprus, we can help you to find the best suitable property for you! If you are coming from abroad, you have to be secure and informed how to purchase and invest to get maximum return on investments – that is why an individual property viewing will give you a big overview and information! Are you looking for an apartment or a villa? Just let me know about your criteria, ideas and budget to find the best property to fit your requirements!

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With the best wishes from Cyprus!


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