Travel Packing List for the Cyprus Tour


You bought your ticket to Cyprus and you are packing your suitcase. Do you feel like missing something for a trip? Do you have a travel packing list to confirm and cross check you are not forgetting some important things to pack? Let’s skip the usual things like documents, basics cloths, toiletry bag etc. but I would like to concentrate on the most necessary things you will really need during your Cyprus tours in vacation.

  1. Cash – Cyprus currency has been changed from Pound to Euro so you need to bring Euro cash for shopping, travelling, transportation fees and other expenses.

  3. Insurance – Whether you travel by yourself or through Travel Agency, you must check or arrange your Travel and Health Insurance.

  5. Electric plug converter – In Cyprus, we have same electric socket like in UK so you can buy adaptor in kiosk (approximately 2eur) or you can borrow from the hotel reception if are staying in the hotel.

  7. Photo Camera – To capture beauty and bring back amazing memories of Cyprus, you will need a DSLR photo camera. From the beach, greenery to sunset, do not forget to take your camera or even GoPro camera to shoot underwater pictures and videos. But if you wish to have professional photo shooting, feel free to contact us prior to your Cyprus tour.

  9. Driving license – if you wish to rent a car in Cyprus, you must bring your driving license else you will not be able to borrow a car.

  11. Hygienic items:
    • Wet wipes – Cyprus generally has hot summers and to clean your hands or sticky face, you can use wet wipes and get instant refreshment rather than wandering for WC/toilet.
    • Thermal water – After cleaning face, you can use thermal water to wash off and have a fresh look. Thermal water is easily available in pharmacy or airport. Don’t put thermal water in the direct contact with the sun because it can make opposite effect like sunburning.
    • Insect repellent – If you have booked a hotel in the place where surroundings is full of trees, you might get “mosquito attack” at night. To better keep mosquitoes away and safeguard yourself from their bites, always bring mosquito repellent cream with you.

  13. Bag – A small fashionable backpack or cross body sling bag is going to be very comfortable to bring along some necessary things during walking or being in the excursion. You can even safely store your phone, wallet etc. in it.

  15. Clothes – Choosing clothes is more dependable on the season you are visiting Cyprus. Evenings in Spring(March, April) are a bit cold so wear long sleeves tops but during day, you can wear shorts and top. But in night dinner or going for a walk, you will need a cardigan to feel warm and comfort. The same applies to October, November and middle of December. If you go to Cyprus during summer hottest months – June, July and August, I suggest you to take cotton or linen clothes. Even you must have a pair of swimsuit to enjoy beach or pool swimming. I would suggest you to have special clothes for the beach like comfortable Pareo Dress, something that is light and comfortable.

  17. Sunglasses – in Cyprus, sun rays are strong enough to damage your eye sight, especially during summer. I will suggest you to bring 2 to 3 pairs of sunglasses to match up with your different look and even to keep in a separate bags during various excursions. If you are going to buy new sunglasses, choose the one with UV protection to safeguard your eyes with hot rays.

  19. Hair ties – I would recommend “telephone hair elastics rubber” especially because it is more comfortable to swim with them. They do not damage hairs so much as usual tie and optionally you can wear it as a colorful bracelet as well.

  21. Sun protection – Never forget to bring sun protection for you, your partner and your kids. Sun in Cyprus is very strong and you should be very careful even if you are at the beach, walking or in the car or bus during excursion. Use SPF 30 or up to 50 sunscreen depends on your skin tone and type. On body, you can prefer sunscreen with 20 SPF up to 30 SPF. When you get used to sun rays, only then you can use SPF 15 for your body. Sun cream is also available in pharmacy with vast choice of good products for each skin type and tone. I will also suggest you to have Lip Balm with 30 SPF.

  23. Body lotion – After tanning and also in different climate, your skin gets dry. I suggest to bring moisturizing body lotion that absorbs quickly to the skin. You can buy “after sun” lotion or Aloe Vera gel for soft, cool and hydrating skin.

  25. Towel – After beach swimming, you need a towel. Usually 4 and 5 stars hotels provide the clients beach towels but hotels 3 stars hotel may not provide. If you don’t want to bring towel, you can buy one from kiosk for around 7eur/each.

  27. Beach bag – To carry all necessary stuff like goggles, water, sun creams etc. to the beach.

  29. Footwear– You will need 3 to 4 pairs of footwear while exploring Cyprus. A pair of lightweight sandals to team up with Pareo while enjoying on beach. A pair of flip-flops to wear while relaxing and walking. If you forget to bring your flip-flops, you can buy in kiosk for 3 or 5eur a pair, just try to find the one which has stronger and non-slippery sole. A pair of sports shoes will help you rock climbing or visiting places like Troodos Mountains in Cyprus. Choose it wisely with a better grip.

  31. Hat – Necessary protection for your head and hair everywhere you go. If you are staying at the beach or you go for a walk, you can find a nice floppy hat or use a cap. Apart from protection, it can give you a stylish look!

The whole packing list will help you make your Cyprus holidays enjoyable. There are many tour guides available in Cyprus to make your holidays wonderful. If you are thinking to book a tour in advance, contact us right now to make your visit memorable and fun with interesting excursions in Cyprus (for example, Troodos mountains, Ayia Napa, Larnaca, Paphos). And if you have decide to explore island alone, I would advise downloading this offline map application “MAPS.ME” that will help you to find right places of Cyprus. (Just don’t forget to download Cyprus map in to the phone prior to tour, so it will work offline as well).

So what are you waiting for, prepare your suitcase using this packing list and start to adventure and explore the beauty of Cyprus. If I have missed any important thing, let me know through commenting. Suggestions are always appreciated. Have a happy and safe tour!