Why Should You Choose Car for Private Tour


Travelling with your personal vehicle brings ultimate experience while sightseeing and touring. And if you have a personal car, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of a personalized journey with your own pace.

There are many ways to reach different places – walking, public transport, taxi etc. But today I would like to share advantages of choosing a car over other vehicles for your holiday or tour. Either you can rent a car or choose our highly luxurious excursions crafted with a private car with personal guide!

  1. Craft personalized program – With bus tours or public transport, you are always depended on their schedule. You have to be a part of group with set time frames and routes. But if you have a car, you can make your own personalized plans. From waking up in the morning, you don’t need to rush at breakfast or bathing, you can feel comfortable in all the way.

  3. No Worries for Directions – Choose places you want to see and skip the ones that are not interesting for you. Browse the map and visit places that you like to see and capture best moments in your camera wherever you go!
  4. photoshoot-with-friends

  5. Stop and Rest – Stop whenever or wherever you want to relax from driving and catch beautiful view and scenery on the way. You can enjoy photo-shoot, have a cup of coffee to refresh your mood or just swim as long as you want, without hasty.
  6. resting-between-way

  7. Space and Comfort – Without worrying about bringing limited luggage, you can have bags full with you to enjoy the trip at best. You can shop for the things while stopping at markets while your way. You don’t need to carry weight on your shoulder or hold it in your hands, you can just out heavy loads in the back of the car.
  8. loading-car-luggage

  9. Privacy – Stay just with your friends or family and share this fun time together without disturbance of any unknown.
  10. Family-in-car

  11. Make an Impression – Car shows off and make a royal impression on other people. Even if you are not making an impression, getting in and out from a royal Mercedes will do that for you.

These reasons why we are doing private tour and excursions in Cyprus. During hot summer, you can rent a car and make your own trip. But if you wish to enjoy a full comfort with our private guide, you are always welcome to Contact Us for booking a tour (we have different interesting tours, for example to Limassol, North Cyprus, Troodos mountains)!