8 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town – Paphos


Now days, people get more attracted towards vibrant lights, hustle-bustle of daily life, faster routine through use of technology; but yet there are some people who love to choose peaceful life over fast-paced one.

Paphos was capital city of Cyprus in ancient times and all myths about born, goodness and castle of Aphrodite belongs to Paphos District. It is located in southwest of the Cyprus island and it is one of the favorite destinations of tourists to spend their holidays. Every city in Cyprus has its own unique identity and fame, here I would like to point out few reasons why I love living in Pafos.

Peace – Paphos is like a calm small town by the sea. The population here is around 80,000 and almost everyone knows each other. According to many people winter in Paphos is so boring because compared to Limassol, you don’t have many restaurants, concerts open all around the year but it has active lifestyle from middle of April to December and all thanks to the tourists. Also we have permanent tourists mainly from UK in winters as they have bought property in Cyprus and live in their second home.

Location – Paphos is situated in center of Europe so you can easily fly everywhere as the biggest international airport is in Larnaca is just 1.5 hour away by car from Paphos. There is also small international airport in Paphos from where you can fly for example to UK, Sweden, and Italy for adequate prices from Ryanair airlines.

Climate – In Paphos, microclimate is fairly mild having warm winters and cool summers on the island. Here you can enjoy swimming even in the middle of November. In Paphos, you can find happiness and peace of mind just by enjoying the climate of the sea.


Pollution free area – Paphos has crystal clear water in the sea because of no industrial ports and factories resides here. In Paphos, we have only small harbor for the private boats, yachts and small tourist cruises boats.


Another reason for no pollution here is agriculture – Paphos is especially famous for banana farms. Greenery in terms of national parks like Akamas, Troodos Mountains and other villages around the town is the also a reason people can breathe clean air. As there is an expression – fewer people, more oxygen 🙂


Cheap Rentals – In Paphos, home rents are so affordable as you can rent one bedroom apartment (around 45m2) with nearby supermarket and sea, under your pocket! You can rent based on the long term agreement for 300eur and 3 bedroom villa for as low as 500eur.


Short Distances – Small town means small distance to everywhere which saves your time to reach anywhere. From home, work, school to supermarket, you can reach in just 5 – 10mins, wow! We do not have long car queues and traffic jam; we are so bad at waiting in the car as even 3min of wait is unacceptable. By saving time from usual routine, you can spend it more with your family or utilize it in your favorite hobbies. I personally feel living in small town and travelling to bigger cities is really awesome.

Rain and Water – Cyprus sometimes faces problem with the water due to lesser rainfall in winter tends to water shortage in summer. Even I have gone through this experience when I was living in Limassol. But in Paphos, water shortage has never happened which is thankful to two water reservoirs here.


Education – Even it is a small town, we have good schools for kids based on the British education system from which they can easily apply for universities study abroad.

Paphos is ultimately rich by heart, full of love and nature, amazing! If you don’t care about show off and want to relax with the peace of mind – Paphos is perfect place to live. 🙂 Don’t you think you should plan a tour to Paphos and feel heavenly on earth? If yes, Contact Us to plan a perfect holiday and make a memorable visit to Paphos and other interesting places in Cyprus (Ayia Napa, Nicosia, different churches & monasteries).

P.S. in 2017, Paphos is going to be European Capital of Culture. Whole 2016, Paphos is getting renovated to get new makeover and all thanks to this event. I hope this will prove to be stronger and better destination for tourists to visit in Cyprus!