Benefits of living in Cyprus


Moving to a new location and buying a property in country like Cyprus is a tough decision for unknowns. There are lot of things to consider before you end up making right decision. I’m neither Cypriot nor tourist but I have moved here years ago, and as a domicile, I’d like to share my opinion about benefits of buying a property or living in Cyprus which may help you make the right decision before you buy a property in Cyprus or move permanently.

Nature – I love sea and swimming. In Cyprus, crystal clear water drives you crazy to swim in the sandy or stoned beaches or deep dive from the bridge. I like the smell of sea salt in the air. Sunset in Paphos/Pafos is amazing! I love 320 days of sunshine even though from June to September is extremely hot (up to 35 degrees) but living in Cyprus I never in need a holiday because every day in Cyprus makes you feel happily holidays. 🙂 I love palm trees, especially “palm alea” in Limassol, I call it Mediterranean California.


Beaches – The beaches in Cyprus are the most favorites place among localites and tourists. They are consistently voted out to be one of the best beaches in Europe. With a long summer and sunny days under water, what more can you ask for?

Veggies and fruits –I don’t mean the local cuisine but quality of the food in the supermarkets – fruits & vegetables. You can find variations in local seasonal fruits. Majority of Cypriots have own lemons and oranges in the garden of their houses and it tastes yummy! I am lover of cherries, watermelons and strawberries and this is what we never stop buying in each season. I love to shop in Fruit Markets especially. When I first came to Cyprus, I was just amazed of cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes. They smell so nice. I love local bananas that especially grow in Paphos District. In non-veg, you can buy nice quality chicken and fishes here. I often buy Cipura fish to bake with veggies and feta cheese on top, tempting!

orange tree

Halloumi – It’s a salty goat cheese originated in Cyprus and a part of the Cypriots daily food. If you have lived or visited Cyprus and haven’t tasted grilled halloumi for breakfast, you don’t know what you have missed!


Pharmacy – Each pharmacy is like a small beauty store. Everyone is very helpful there. Even though Cyprus is a very small Island, you can find many varieties of international medicines and cosmetics.

Bakeries – Cypriots are lover of bakery items and thus you can find a lot of bakeries of which Zorpaz is my favorite. They server fresh, tasty bakery items prepared in a clean place and people working there are very helpful. They make hot sandwiches as well, which you can have if you are in search of better alternative for your lunch. The price of the products are normal and affordable. You can also order beautiful cakes for birthday parties or other special celebrations.

Healthy life style – Unfortunately majority of local people are chain smokers but let’s not take this example. Considering the potential of Cyprus – Jogging by the sea in the morning and late evening walk by the sea, swimming have been included by many Cypriots to live a healthy life.

Official language – Greek is mother-tongue but as Cyprus was based on British colony, everybody speaks English and even you can find law documents in English. For example if you are going to buy a property in Cyprus, your agreement will be in English. You will feel very comfortable living or coming in holiday to Cyprus as it is not like Spain or France where localites do not speak English at all.

Ski – yes, in winter months mostly during February, Troodos Mountains are full of snow! You can Ski there, wow! Obviously you cannot expect mountains like Alps, but the nice thing about it is if you stay in town, it can be sunny and just 2hours driving can reach you mountains for skiing, adventurous, right!

Clothes – Due to sunny weather in the summer, you can dress up comfortably and colorfully. You can wear sandals rather than whole shoes and gum boots.

Safety – Either you are wandering in the daylight or in dark nights, you can always feel safe roaming in Cyprus. It has a very low crime rate.

Rich heritage – Cyprus Island is blessed with a lot of nature and heritage – UNESCO historical sites, archaeological parks etc.

Peaceful lifestyle – “siga-siga” means “slowly-slowly” and the peace in Cyprus allows you live in a comfort zone. If you like to stay away from hasty routine, Cyprus is perfect destination to live in. And for party lovers and professionals – outdoors, bars can never stop you. 🙂
Above are my opinions and likings for Cyprus which I feel really proud to share with you. I will be glad if you share your experience as well through commenting. If you planning to buy property in Cyprus or moving there, these benefits will help you make the right and positive decision! Contact me anytime if you want to conduct property view tour, I cooperate with Lawyers and Accountant to easily get it done for you. You might want to get a private tour to Cyprus along with a property viewing one, Guide of Cyprus offers different excursion according to your preferences!