Tips to wisely choose your Hotel for the next tour

Elysium 5 star hotel Royal Suit room

Usually we explore our holidays for visits to places or for outing once or twice a year and we always wish them to be amazing, comfortable and delightful! One of the most important things while going for outing is to choose a hotel or place to stay. Choosing a right hotel is really tricky task. Very sad thing is tourists easily get mad with the numbers of promotions and deals offered by the hotel and finally it resulted to be downright overwhelming due to some bad experiences. It really affects the impression of the country and visitors get negativity for it. It happens only when we are trapped by good advertising and thus we forget to check the most important things to consider.

Here are some points, you should check or ask your travel agency before choosing a right hotel, if you do not want to be negatively surprised:


Your window, your view…

After long flight and sitting in bus or taxi you really need rest and want to lie on the bed but half of the stress gets melted once you open the window and be amazed with the great outside view. But reality sometimes can be far different than dreams and when you open window and find your outside view to the road, parking or empty piece of land. When you ask receptions for such a mess, you may be replied with, “But you paid for the garden view”!!, You need to pay extra for the sea view!! Shocked?! Be careful and read or clear out the details written in your voucher properly before you book one for you.

Where is the beach?

You put on your swimming suit and Pareo (beach dress) and get ready to cool down in the water or to enjoy sunbath on the sandy beach. But when you come down, to your great surprise, you finds a pool and land ending full of rocks, sunbeds on the grass and you will ask yourself in strange, “but where is the sandy beach?!” You can be answered like, “If you want to swim, here are the stairs to water, but be careful about depth and rocks down there.” Not all hotels can have an exit to the nice sandy beach, some of them prepare fake sandy beaches, but if you are sand lover, be really sure that if hotel calls itself a Beach Hotel, it does not mean to have an entrance to water rather than beach.

no beach

Bed & Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board, All Inclusive

Food is the second most important considered while going for a tour or living in a hotel. It’s a crucial part to decide our budget. There are many meal plans available, let me explain all in detail.

Cynthiana 3 star hotel food buffet

Bed and Breakfast is easy, you sleep and get full breakfast (usually buffet) in the hotel. You have to manage lunch and dinner at your own. Hotel usually have restaurants but with a bit costly food. So either you can have it at hotel or can find one good and cheaper outside. If you have around a lot of taverns, you can choose to eat based on cuisine you want and price you decide!

Half Board – Sleep, full breakfast and one from lunch or dinner. It means you can eat 2 times. This is very popular package and comfortable because if you go for trips, sightseeing for a day and excursions, you can easily manage when and where you want to eat. If you are peace lover and love to live at hotel only, you can have your dinner at the hotel!

Full Board – Sleep, full breakfast, full lunch and dinner. It is the same like Half Board but you eat 3 times. But note, that snacks between breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner is not included here.

All-inclusive – It is one of the popular packages – sleep, full breakfast, snacks, full lunch, snacks, full dinner and drinks. Whoa, all included in a single package, sounds like package specially made for foodies! The only problem here may be regarding drinks. If you want to order “Pina Colada” but if it’s not included in their special menu for this package, you can’t order Pina Colada or you have to pay extra for it. For sure, it totally depends on the level of the hotel but be sure what really they are offering you in all-inclusive package.

Where I am? I feel there is only hotel and nothing around!
If you are not a type of the person to stay all your holiday in the hotel without visiting historical sites, restaurants, town, nightlife; you need an easy exist from the hotel and find an easy way to go out. But here you can deal with some problem as asking for help in reception can lead to some instructions to have a bus or car where you need to pay some extra euros.

Paphos bus

Even walking may be a bad option as you really find hard to reach the destination of your choice or it is seriously very far from your hotel. To make things easier, you can book a very comfortable private tour with your own driver to discover any destination you want around Cyprus. However, if you want to be in a walking distance from the city center, then you need to choose a hotel with a right location. The location of the hotel is as important as infrastructure and facilities it provides so be sure about location of the hotel and environment around!

When you see hoardings or broachers with “Hotel and Resort” phrase, it shows that green area, pools, bars, park, village around is included as well apart from rooms and other facilities generally provided by the Hotel. Let’s say if your resort is having more trees and greenery and not managed or taken care properly, mosquitos may spoil your nights. Here it is advisable to take sprays, creams or night aroma tablets with you as a safeguard from these little enemies. Messy and congested trees around is best home for snakes. Black snakes are no problem but green, gray are poisoned! Just be careful where you step and do not let your kid run under trees. Or choose you resort wisely!

RESORT Coral Beach Hotel

It is a kind of entertainment provided inside the hotel. Some of the hotels have animation and some doesn’t. Usually hotel has an animation with outside sports like aqua gym, tennis, French balls etc. Then evening program – karaoke, bingo, disco etc. And the part of animation is a kids club which is very important for whom who have kids. Be sure that people who are taking care should be qualified enough, place were kids are going to stay and language of the animators should also be highly qualitative.

Animation at Olympic Lagoon Resort (Kanika hotels)

3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars?
Choosing 3 star, 4 star or 5 star is basically depends on your budget and what you are expecting for. If you are going to visit places of the town or sightseeing, you can be happy with 3 star hotel as you are using hotel for routine activity like bathing, brushing and sleeping at night only. And you can go crazy with hotel facilities provided in 5 star if you are an isolated geek loving peace. Very sad thing I have experienced that you can find some hotels with 5 stars is actually providing 3 star facilities. Why this happens? Hotel can be or very old, it means this 5* was really 30 years ago (but now it is 3*) or in opposite, new 5* hotel can be managed in a terrible way so the whole organization would be like in a 3*. To prevent such situations, read a few comments on TripAdvisor and search for the tourists’ pictures online.

Elysium 5 star hotel Royal Suit room

According to my experience I would recommend 4 hotels in Cyprus: Four Seasons (Limassol), Columbia Resort (Pissour), Elysium (Paphos/Pafos), Anassa (Latchi)

These tips are written based on my years of experience in tours and traveling and as a Cyprus resident, I’m eye witness of such situations. Please, be free and text me for any advice or help. We would be happy to help you planning a tour or sightseeing in Cyprus.