Extravagant Statuettes & Water Falls of Adonis Baths!

first waterfall

Whenever I visit Adonis Baths there’s something new for me to discover. This year, we went there in the beginning of the season, and had the opportunity to check in when it was still raining and the whole landscape looked a bit blurry. We took the road from Paphos(Pafos) that goes up to the mountain of Tala and Kamares villages, and we could enjoy beautiful scenery of the whole city from the high peak.

view from Kamares village, driving to Adonis

However, when planning such a trip, you have to be careful as the road is bumpy and not comfortable for a regular car. So if you are planning the trip there, make sure you can drive a Jeep, Safari Jeep or buggies. If you are interested for a Buggy tour to Adonis bath, feel free to Contact Us.

entrance Zeus

At the entry to the place, you pass a nice green area and then, in the beginning you’ll see Amphitheater with columns. If you would like to go in, the entry fee is 9 euro, but I would say that though the place is beautiful, but it’s not that unique and breathtaking spot to spend this much.

Moving further, you’ll pass through the museum where you can see how people were living ages ago.

musem about old times living

Honestly by my opinion, this part of the place is not that much impressive too, so I would advise you to go straight to the waterfalls.

The first waterfall is the biggest one, and if you are lucky enough to be there alone as we were, you might experience absolutely clear and quiet atmosphere of the place. This is the plus point of visiting it during the low season because in August it’s usually full of people swimming and jumping in the water. There is a clay bottom and the water is not salty. Being in the “heart of the nature”, we could hear birds singing and feel the smell of the trees.

first waterfall
There are a few different spots to walk. Keep your eyes on the road as you may find snakes and lizards creeping by your sides.



There you can see the statues of Adonis and Aphrodite.

Adonis and Aphrodite statue

And the most shocking statue is of Sotiris, that’s specially recommended to visit for those who want to get pregnant, by the legend he can help. (The instruction to touch the statue is written there).

Statue is of Sotiris

I would advise all history and mythology loving people to visit that place once. But if you’re nature lover, it will be better to choose a trip to Troodos where you can find greenery and fascinating nature.

Have you ever visited such places before? Did you find any problem visiting the place? How did you reach there? Let me know your experience by commenting below. And if you haven’t yet visited and about to plan one, Guide of Cyprus is always there to plan most amazing and cost effective tours for you.