Beautiful Places to Visit in Troodos Mountains

Omodos village view

Summer – the hottest time in Cyprus with almost 35 to 40 degree temperature daily along with humidity, especially by the sea. If you really want to chill out and feel the calm atmosphere, Troodos Mountains is the best choice to visit in Cyprus. The place is much higher than the sea level and even if you are closer to the sun, the weather is much comfortable due to dry but windy air with amazing smell of pine trees to feel the peace of mind.

I have also visited some places on my own and would like to share my wonderful experience during couple of days in Troodos.

Millomeris Waterfalls near Pano Platres Village

Millomeri Waterfall Platrez

Cyprus is not just the city of beaches, it is also blessed with nature and lots of greenery. You can experience the different Cyprus here in Troodos. In the hidden forest ravine, situated in the hearth of village Pano Platres (,,up,, it means in Greek ,,Pano,,), you can find highest natural waterfalls – Millomeris waterfalls. When I was here, the place was busy with people and a lot of cars. Road to reach this place is smoother for all types of cars. You get a small parking to leave your car and the waterfall is just 5 minutes to reach by walking. I suggest you to bring your swimming suit to enjoy swimming and refreshed in chilled water of waterfall, but please note that water is very cold! It is nice place to rest having picturesque view. Rocks and pieces of wood are not comfortable to walk, I suggest you to wear sneakers to make your feet walk in comfort. Also bring your flip-flops if you want to swim as well.


Caledonia Waterfall (Platres village)

This waterfall resides in a deep forest area surrounded by breathtaking views. We parked next to the Psilo Dendron – a fish restaurant, which is famous by its trout farm situated right next to the restaurant and that’s why they always guarantee to serve a fresh fish of good quality in your plate, Yum! There is nothing much impressive about the restaurant’s design, but the fish proves to be good enough to make your mouth watering. I had good reviews of their meals from other people as well.

Caledonia Waterfall

Way to waterfall is next to the parking and you have to walk around 3 km (there is not possibility for the car). I went to this place many years ago, it is nice but if you are tired or find too hot to walk, you can skip to visit as Millomeris waterfall is far better and more beautiful than this one, so you are going to miss nothing.

Sparti Adventure Park (Platres village)

Sparti park

The adventurous and amazing structure of this park makes me feel wow. You need around 3 hours to enjoy all the games & lines and it will cost you around 32eur per person. The instructors pay attention to the safety of people so you can enjoy the rope park without being scared of heights and speeds.






All stages and lines in park is very nice. Please, do not forget to wear sport shoes, comfortable summer clothes and apply sunscreen lotion to open parts of your body to avoid sun tan! Enjoy adventure!

Sparti park Platrez

Kakopetria village

Walking in the heart of Kakopetria village – old town – you would see old stone buildings, with small coffee shops inside and local hand made products for sale (like tea, jam, fruits).  Surrounding of small rivers running between lots of trees makes sound of raining creates an amazing feeling of being in a jungle.

Kakopetria walking

After dinner I had some time and really enjoyed it walking through the village. This is a typical Cypriot village with a local food and peaceful life, though Kakopetria is also famous by its restaurant. The Mill hotel and restaurant is very famous for its tasty fish with lemon and garlic sauce. Usually I don’t eat garlic at all, but here I made an exception and it was worth it. For those who doesn’t feel comfortable eating fish with bones – you can ask to serve the dish without bones.  I would suggest you to book a table in advance if you are planning to try the famous fish.

The Mill - Kakopetria

The Mill is probably the best hotel in Kakopetria (but please, do not expect it to be the best compared to Hilton or Four Seasons). The top floor of the hotel is having a balcony which provides panoramic view of the whole village. If you don’t want to miss the eye catchy view and delicious food here, I would suggest to call and book a table prior to your visit.

The Mill side view

To the great surprise, I found that even this village has a night life, so you can visit a few local bars and night club “The Bridge” which is playing not only Greek music but main stream as well.

Omodos village

Villages in Troodos are famous for wineries and Omodos is one of them! The cute red roofs of houses creates a fabulous view from top. The old town of Omodos is very nice and such a smaller that almost every places reside around Old Square – coffee shops, souvenirs, sweets, bakery.

Omodos shopping sweets

I was amazed with Omodos because even the assortment of souvenirs is nice and distinct compared with Limassol or Paphos(Pafos).

Omodos village view

Holy Cross OmodosThere is very nice old church Holy Cross which is internally decorated with colorful icons. What I really appreciate that next to entrance, you can borrow free rope to dress up well if you have worn short cloths and go in. Yes, it is not hygienic but also not good to enter such religious place in shorts and tank top! In Omodos, you will love to spend more time in winery choosing your wine and degustation rather wandering about in old city, right! You can also enjoy wine degustation during our sight-seeing Excursion that includes Troodos.

If you are a nature lover and crazy for Greens, Tour to Troodos is the best choice! When I was coming back downwards to my home, I witnessed and felt instant difference in heat.


So If you are enough amazed with the Troodos and desperate to visit it, Don’t forget to book a tour with Guide of Cyprus to explore amazing destinations of Cyprus. Discover Troodos and other famous places with Guide of Cyprus and arouse in a new wonderland!