North Cyprus Tour

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Explore North Cyprus Island in one day! Choose either of the directions Kyrenia or Famagusta. (Necessary to bring your passport, otherwise will not be able to cross). North Cyprus tour highlights:

Tour to North Cyprus to walk in the footsteps of Romans, Greeks, & Venetians

Kyrenia of North Cyprus:

Choosing Kyrenia direction for the tour will cover places Saint Hilarion Castle, Kantara Castle, Kyrenia Harbour and Castle.

Starting from Ayios Dometios, we will proceed to north through the occupied part of Nicosia in the direction of St. Hilarion Castle built on a spectacular peak of the Kyrenia mountain range of North Cyprus. Saint Hilarion had founded it in the


10th century seemingly chosen the place for his isolation, it was a monastery earlier. It is one of the three strongholds in the Kyrenia Mountains and the best preserved ruin. We have another castle to visit named Kantara castle positioned in such a way that controls entrance Karpas peninsula and Mesaoria plain in North Cyprus.

We will also visit the town of Kyrenia with its picturesque harbor and Kerynia Castle. According to historians, the original castle was built in the 7th century by the Byznatines to safe guard the city against the Arab maritime threat. The first historical reference to the castle occurs in 1191, when King Richard the Lionheart of English captured it on his way to the Third Crusade through North Cyprus.

There are so many places to visit in North Cyprus, that you’d probably want the second excursion too!

Famagusta of North Cyprus:

If you choose the Famagusta direction, you will be visiting nearby places like Salamis ancient city, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Othello’s Tower and Citadel.

Salamis is an ancient Greek city situated 6km north from modern Famagusta of North Cyprus. Much of the Salamis still remains buried and excavation is under process.

The Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque is the largest medieval building of Famagusta which was formerly known as Saint Nicholas’s Cathedral and later as the Ayasofya Mosque of Magusa.

Othello’s Tower and Citadel is a fortress built in middle ages stands as a safeguard against enemy attacks to both the harbor and Famagusta.

Here you can see lion sculpture, towers with corridors, old cannons lying on the floor, vaulted hall, battlements and many more historical things.

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